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Gus's Go Board
Go is simple, but my opponents keep being difficult.


This site is dedicated to those who have become interested in the game of Go (also known as Baduk or Wei Qi), but don't have the advantage of a local Go club. I learned Go on my own, from a piece of software that had no tutorial capacity beyond a description of the rules. This was a very difficult way to learn, and hopefully this page and those it links, will make your first encounters with the game of go easier.

I also hope, with time to add resources that help the beginner progress to intermediate levels, and beyond. Of course by preparing these materials, I will understand them better and improve my own play.

Fun Fact: the video game company Atari is probably named based on Go!

The word "Atari" means "attack" in Japanese, and when you are one move away from capturing a group on Go it is polite to say "Atari." Here's the founder of Atari talking about his favorite game...

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