Go and Computers

Computer Opponents

Some Computer opponents you might download/purchase:

Check out the British Go Associations somewhat outdated page comparing some of these and other programs. Mind Games is only good for learning the very basic mechanics of the game. It is an abysmal opponent (probably would rank about 20 kyu, though I've notice that play strength seems to have increases slightly with the processor speeds). GnuGo is much better if you have Linux or Cygwin (it plays at 9kyu on KGS). Even better than either of those, would be the scaled down trial versions of some of the commercial programs. Or Best of all if you have the money buy a commercial program. Chances are that your local computer store won't have any Go programs, so the internet is probably the only easy way to find them.

Manyfaces, Handtalk and Go Professional are the top programs for strength, and ManyFaces and Nemesis have the best teaching features according to what I have read.

Internet Servers

If you are not well funded, or lack a computer of your own, or are impatient, and don't want to mess around with software when you could be checking out the game, then you might want to try visiting KGS or NNGS. There are a couple of Java clients which give you a nice graphical interface to the server. If you are going to play on a server, read this first!!! It will help keep you from doing things that piss people off inadvertently. If you make a real heel of yourself you will get deafening silence when you look for games on most servers. Go is a game of concentration, and the server is a on-line club. People who are disruptive are about as popular as people who make repeated loud flatulent sound effects in the middle of a theater playing Shindler's list.

When you do play experienced players, don't get upset that they beat you easily. Many people you meet on-line have been playing for 5-50 years. Despite this, you really should want to play them. In fact games against highly skilled players are to be coveted, because they will unfailingly identify your weaknesses, and exploit them. There is no better way to find out what part of your game needs improvement, than to play someone better than yourself.

Most experienced players with whom you share a common language will be glad to give a few pointers, and some will do this spontaneously. Most of players want to help less experienced players become a better players. This is particularly true on the smaller, friendlier servers like KGS, which is why I recommend it over bigger, more competitive servers. If you want nothing but the toughest competition, and a very impersonal atmosphere, try a big server such as IGS, but you won't get nearly as much help there. On the plus side, I just discovered that they now hava a java based client that can be run via webstart... You can find it on this page

If you log on to KGS look for me. I play there under the name Sinprejic. If you tell me you read my page, and want to learn, I will (if at all possible) gladly help you set up your account, and play a 9x9 or even a 19x19 with you. If I have to go to bed or leave, I will try to find someone else to help you before I go.

These days, if I am playing Go, I am most often found at KGS.