Some Stones I Have Placed

The first Online server that I frequented was the No Name Go Server. There was a time when NNGS had a nice little service that would serve up all the games for a given player. Sadly the No Name Go Server shut down in 2005. I found the complete archives of all games on the web, and I have extracted them for easy access. The games are sorted into monthly directories, but otherwise un-indexed. A list of the games I played can be found in the file

Games played on KGS are played under the condition that they are free for public use. Here are links to pages with my games from KGS. May you learn from my (many) mistakes if you do download them.

April 2000 through present

Also check out my fully commented 19x19 game for 20-30k players. This game is one I played back in '98 or '99 when I was about 15k. The comments are by me and were written back then and I feel there is value in the fact that they are written at a low level. I am now about 12 stones stronger. Some of my assesments are wrong, but this game is presented to give new players a feel for what the game is like. Many of the points I would attempt to make if I revised them probably go right over the head of the 30-20k player, so while I plan to eventually publish a new set of comments, the old version shall always be available.

Ratings and Tournament Play

KGS rank graph for sinprejic
KGS rank graph for azaman

Massachusetts Go Association Spring 2000 Handicap Tournament: 2nd place

Massachusetts Go Association Spring 2002 Handicap Tournament: 2nd place

Massachusetts Go Association Summer 2003 Handicap Tournament: 1rst place tie

Massachusetts Go Association Winter 2004 Handicap Tournament: 2nd place

Massachusetts Go Association Fall 2005 Handicap Tournament: 2nd place

American Go Association 2007 US Open, 4 Kyu Section 1st place

American Go Association 2007 Midnight Madness, Section A 1st place

American Go Association 2007 Lightning Tournament Table Winner, Kyu section, Eliminated in Quarter-finals (10 min sudden-death not rated)

Massachusetts Go Association Winter 2008 Handicap Tournament: 3rd place

Massachusetts Go Association Spring 2008 Handicap Tournament: 1rst place

Over All Handicap Tournament record: 81 wins 56 losses
All AGA Rated Play, (Handicap): 78 wins 53 losses
MGA Handicap Tournament record: 54 wins 34 losses
Total Winnings: $220 cash, $80 Gift Cert, 1 pint pure VT maple syrup ($15 value?) = $315
Total Entry Fees: $675 cash.
Net: $315 - $675 = -$360